Every moment of our free time, holidays included (often with Giovanni and Alberto), has been spent learning about, trying to understand and studying the cuisine, customs and traditions of other countries.
This process of studying and appreciating cuisine and cultures which are different from ours has been fundamental in our quest to discover our very own style of cooking.

In this way many of the most important French houses such as Bocuse, Troisgros, Haeberlin, Vergé, Point, Guerard, Pic,  Blanc and Italian ones such as Cantarelli , Colombani and Marchesi have shown us the way forward.

A restaurant is the perfect balance between yourself, your kitchen, and your guests, all combining to create a magical whole. Our restaurant aims to satisfy a myriad of emotions and pleasures while at the same time being rigorous, full of character, peaceful, charming and courteous. One other important factor which is never forgotten is health.

While keeping the principles which tradition has taught us firmly in mind, we also aim to move with the times. As alimentary and nutritional needs change, so it is the responsibility of those who cook and receive guests to keep apace with this constant evolution.
We aren't sure if we've achieved our goal; we still have the sensation of being on a long journey of discovery with an ever-longer road ahead of us. This is probably largely due to the fact that our work allows us to constantly encounter diverse aspects of the world we live in.

Nadia and Antonio Santini

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Dear Customer,

Please note that from Thursday 3 June until Monday 7 June the way for arrive at the restaurant from Canneto sull'Oglio will be closed for maintenance.

To get to the restaurant you can access from Fontanella Grazioli (common Casalromano).

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